A common household mistake made is storing a fridge or freezer in too cool of a climate such as a garage or shed. Fridge and freezers have temperature ranges they need to be stored in to ensure they run at optimum performance, storing them in environments that are too cold can cause problems.

Refrigeration units have a climate class printed on their rating plate or mentioned in the instruction book, this explains the minimum and maximum temperatures which the unit can operate in. it is vital you check this rating and install your fridge or freezer in an area that will not be affected by fluctuations in temperature.

Fridge freezers can sometimes only have one thermostat, this can be triggered by freezing conditions outside and can cause both the fridge and freezer to turn off. This could happen for several hours if the weather conditions are poor.

It is also possible with a combined unit that a fridge can tolerate colder temperatures, therefore if a fridge freezer is in a garage in winter, the freezer may start to defrost even if the fridge is still in working order.

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