Dishwashers are common place in modern kitchens, saving us several hours of tedious washing up, drying and putting away every week. But to keep your dishwasher working effectively and ensure your dishes come out pristine every time, follow our basic dishwasher maintenance tips.

Keep salt & rinse aid topped up

It’s important you ensure both salt and rinse aid are kept topped up in your dishwasher, particularly if yours is on every day. Salt will help to prevent lime scale from building up and keep the water soft, which is important as detergents and tablets work best in soft water. Ensuring rinse aid is topped up will make sure your dishes come out streak-free every time, so make sure you keep both topped up.

Clean the filter

Cleaning your dishwasher’s filter weekly will make sure that any leftover food which is trapped in the filter doesn’t end up back on your dishes. Clean both the inner filter and the outer metal filter.

Keep door seals clean

Once a week you should wipe the rim and the seals of the dishwasher with a damp cloth. Food can get stuck in the door rim which could lead to the deterioration of seals and your dishwasher leaking.

Remove & clean dishwasher spray arms

About twice a year you should remove your dishwasher’s spray arms and remove any blockages, rinsing them under a tap should clear any blockages and keep them working efficiently.

Run the dishwasher hot and empty

Running your dishwasher empty on a hot wash about every 6 months will help to guard against unpleasant smells which can build up over time. Using the eco programme on your dishwasher which washes the load at cooler temperatures can mean the build-up of food residue is more common.

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